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Ultimate Shine, LLC

Ben Schmalz, Owner / Operator – Ultimate Shine, LLC

Phillipsburg, NJ

The Aqua-Rocket’s material quality, as well as the fast cleaning speed, make this turbo nozzle a must in our tool box.

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Hydrovac Nation

Terry Rawn, Owner – Hydrovac Nation

Calgary, AB Canada

"The Ripsaw HD that I have been currently using is amazing! I now have over 700 hours on it, and the cover still looks great. I was operating this nozzle at winter's end, so it has been through all conditions from thick frost, road pack, and very rocky conditions."

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Holiday Gas Station Car Wash

Jamie Erdman, Manager – Holiday Gas Station

Inver Grove Heights, MN

"If someone is looking into the Hydra-Flex [Aqua-Lab SDGEN2] system, I definitely would say go for it and give it a shot because your customers are going to notice it and if you do the unlimited program it's definitely going to benefit you [...] It's more beneficial to the customer, it cleans their vehicle the way they want, and they don't have to get out and wipe down their vehicle afterwards and clean off smudges. It cleans the vehicle properly like a car wash should."

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Subsurface Construction

Rob Parke, President – Subsurface Construction

Minneapolis, MN

"As a result from using the Ripsaw HD, the biggest advantage/improvement over other nozzles was the life of the nozzle. Instead of 1-3 weeks before the nozzle needed replacement or repairs, we experienced at least 2x the life of the ocver on the Ripsaw HD nozzle. The Ripsaw HD is now our primary nozzle used and stocked on our trucks. We save money on the number of nozzles used over time and need fewer nozzles in stock at any one point since they get replaced less often."

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Roskam Baking Company

Chadwick Kogelschatz, Continuous Improvement Manager – Roskam Baking Company

Grand Rapids, MI

"Before the Aqua-Rocket, cleaning the oven ductwork with our previous nozzles and cleaning methods meant this process could take as much as 16 hours depending on soil levels and length of previous production runs. After testing and switching to the Aqua-Rocket, this process' overall completion time dropped by more than 50%. I can't speak for everyone, but in our industry this is huge because it enables us to repurpose more than 8 employee man hours for other tasks - resulting in finishing cleanups faster and more efficiently!"

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