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MB Construction, LLC

Eric Murphy, Owner / Member – MB Construction, LLC

Monticello, MO

"We have over 300 hours on a Ripsaw #6 with no replacements or repairs. I would recommend this product to excavating companies due to its longevity. If you like to do things like MB Construction does- the right way- you need not only a hard working and knowledgable team, but you need reliable equipment as well."

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Metro Express Car Wash

Bill Martin & Bob Hodge, Owners – Metro Express

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Watch a testimonial video where car wash industry veterans, Bill Martin and Bob Hodge, explain why they use the Aqua-Lab™ and the dramatic differences it offers in vehicle coverage, reliability, and chemical/water savings.

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Dapper Dan’s Car Wash

Ryan Kuhns, President – Dapper Dan's Car Wash

Santa Clarita, CA

"My advice to other car wash owners is to not even touch any other chemical dispensing system. Hydra-Flex has specialized and perfected dispensing technology, and has made washing cars simple and trouble free."

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Best Express Car Wash

Dan Crader, Owner / Operator – Best Express Car Wash

St. Louis, MO

"Now that we have installed the Blast-Force™ and Blast-Tec Pro™ nozzles, our cost of water is about $0.30 per car. Our initial reason for switching to Hydra-Flex nozzles was to save water, and we have already experienced over 30% savings."

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Glow Express Car Wash

Leon Beyder, President – Glow Express Car Wash

Edison, NJ

"The efficiency and consistency of the Aqua-Lab is what puts this system above traditional chemical and dosing equipment. Not only have I experienced savings of about 25% in chemical costs thanks to the Aqua-Lab, but I have also noticed an extremely high yield in my chemicals without sacrificing the appearance of the chemical upon applying."

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