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Jet Hydrovac

Kurtis Webber, Operator – Jet Hydrovac

Calgary, AB Canada

"Our company has 5 units and they are all equipped with Ripsaws because they withstand the harsh Calgary environment. For about 4 months I have been using my #8 Ripsaw for 2-3 loads a day in -30º C (-22º F) temperatures, running water at 60-70º C (140-160º F), for 8-12 hours a day with little to no effect on the Ripsaw's performance. The "guts" of the Ripsaw have not needed any replacement or repair, and it still cuts as good as it did right out of the box."

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MB Construction, LLC

Eric Murphy, Owner / Member – MB Construction, LLC

Monticello, MO

"We have over 300 hours on a Ripsaw #6 with no replacements or repairs. I would recommend this product to excavating companies due to its longevity. If you like to do things like MB Construction does- the right way- you need not only a hard working and knowledgable team, but you need reliable equipment as well."

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Metro Express Car Wash

Bill Martin & Bob Hodge, Owners – Metro Express

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Watch a testimonial video where car wash industry veterans, Bill Martin and Bob Hodge, explain why they use the Aqua-Lab™ and the dramatic differences it offers in vehicle coverage, reliability, and chemical/water savings.

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Dapper Dan’s Car Wash

Ryan Kuhns, President – Dapper Dan's Car Wash

Santa Clarita, CA

"My advice to other car wash owners is to not even touch any other chemical dispensing system. Hydra-Flex has specialized and perfected dispensing technology, and has made washing cars simple and trouble free."

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Best Express Car Wash

Dan Crader, Owner / Operator – Best Express Car Wash

St. Louis, MO

"Now that we have installed the Blast-Force™ and Blast-Tec Pro™ nozzles, our cost of water is about $0.30 per car. Our initial reason for switching to Hydra-Flex nozzles was to save water, and we have already experienced over 30% savings."

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