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Glow Express Car Wash

Leon Beyder, President – Glow Express Car Wash

Edison, NJ

"The efficiency and consistency of the Aqua-Lab is what puts this system above traditional chemical and dosing equipment. Not only have I experienced savings of about 25% in chemical costs thanks to the Aqua-Lab, but I have also noticed an extremely high yield in my chemicals without sacrificing the appearance of the chemical upon applying."

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Superior Express, LLC

Robert Duncan, President – Superior Express, LLC

Artesia, NM

"The accuracy and reliability of this system is second to none, and there was no question that I would be installing the Aqua-Lab when I built a tunnel wash. Even when moving from an in-bay automatic to a tunnel, the Aqua-Lab was nothing less than I expected: trouble-free and precise chemical distribution to all my wash applications."

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Car Wash Express

Brett Meinberg, President – Car Wash Express

Englewood, Colorado

"Car Wash Express started using the Aqua-Lab system five years ago, and simply said it is one of the best changes we have made to our chemical dispensing systems. After the initial test, we have since installed the Aqua-Lab in all six of our tunnels, and plan to put them in all future locations as well."

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Spickelmier Horizontal Directional Drilling

Jim Spickelmier, Owner & President – Spickelmier Horizontal Directional Drilling

Lincoln, Nebraska

"We have had the Ripsaw for over seven months now, and it is still working great. My employees have said that they are getting more done and using less water than ever before. No one should hesitate to buy the Ripsaw."

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Rogers Hydro Vac Service

Steve Rogers, Owner – Rogers Hydro Vac Service

Hunlock Creek, PA

"On day one of the project we used a Stoneage dual-tip with a total flow of 9 GPM.  On day two we tried one of your single Switchblade [Ace] nozzles at the same pressure also with a total flow of 9 GPM.  We found that production the second day was 4 times as much as the first day."

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