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Backroom / Chemical Mixing & Dispensing

From pre-soak, CTA’s, and rinsing agents, to bug prep and foaming applications, Aqua-Lab Chemical dispensing systems handle it all. Our systems will save space in your backroom, and will provide the most consistent, reliable, and precise chemical dosing and mixing solution for your tunnels, in-bays/rollovers, and self-serve applications.

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Get the cling, coverage, and dramatic visuals of thick foam, while improving your chemical performance with our chemical dispensing systems. Kits available for Sonny’s Total Shine, Simoniz Hot Wax, Vaughan Tsunami, and more!

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Bug Prep Application
Vehicle Prep

Our vehicle prep systems, with unique foam-generating applicator guns, will help you prep cars fast, while saving space in your bay or back room.  Easily add a prep module to your existing Aqua-Lab system. Great for bug prep, wheel prep, and even wall cleaning applications.

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High Pressure Application
High Pressure Rinsing & Cleaning

Blast-Tec Pro Rotating Turbo and Blast-Force 0-Degree, Solid Stream nozzles will help you save water and clean better. Ideal for your high pressure or touchless applications including wheel blasters, undercarriage wash, high pressure rinsing, and high pressure cleaning.

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