Aqua-Lab CS1 Arch
Aqua-Lab CS1 Arch
Aqua-Lab CS1 Series

Aqua-Lab CS1

Aqua-Lab™ CS1 Compact Chemical Dispensing Systems deliver precisely diluted chemical to one tunnel/conveyor application at a time, from standard arches, to triple foam and bug prep – we have a solution for your unique application. These all-in-one units combine an injector manifold, a pneumatic actuated water valve, air valve, air regulator, pump, and motor control unit in one compact system.  Systems are pre-wired and plumbed for water, air, and chemical control.  Replaces your standard dosing and pumping equipment with a more reliable option that can lower your operating costs while improving vehicle coverage and chemical performance.

  • Reliable, Consistent Chemical Delivery – The precisely metered solution is delivered to the applicator, every time.
  • Plug-N-Play Systems - Systems run on 120V/15A power and tie easily into master controls.
  • Lower Operating Costs – System is easy to install and requires little ongoing maintenance.
  • Saves Space – Compact systems can be wall-mounted, and accurately deliver solution without cumbersome mixing tanks.
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