Aqua-Lab MD5A-5/7 Panel
Aqua-Lab MD5A-5/7 Panel

Aqua-Lab™ MD

Intended for use with Tunnel/Conveyor vehicle wash equipment, Aqua-Lab™ MD Micro Dose Chemical Dispensing Systems deliver precisely diluted chemical to multiple applications simultaneously. Designed and tested for reliable operation to a minimum of 700,000 wash cycles.

  • Reliable, Consistent Chemical Delivery – The precisely metered solution is delivered to the arch, every time.
  • Improved Vehicle Coverage – Uses the suggested chemistry dilution rate but increases delivery pressure, resulting in less solution used with impressive vehicle coverage.
  • Lower Operating Costs – System is easy to install and requires little ongoing maintenance.
  • Saves Space – All components can be wall-mounted, and system accurately delivers solution without cumbersome mixing tanks.
Aqua-Lab™ MD

The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites…The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?”

– Bill Lawrence, President & CEO, Bubbles Car Wash Read More
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