40 GPM Grundfos Pump With VFD MCU
40 GPM Grundfos Pump With VFD MCU

40 GPM Grundfos Pump with 7.5 HP VFD

LARGER FLOW CAPACITY– Grundfos vertical multistage centrifugal pump system has 20 GPM (5 HP) flow capacity.
LONGER LIFE/LESS MAINTENANCE– Stainless steel impellers, TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motors, & higher temperature thresholds for longer life/less maintenance. Systems are rebuildable for lower lifetime costs.
FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMS– Includes VFD motor, pressure transducer for pressure/flow control, inlet/outlet plumbing connections, wye strainer, & 8' power cord with flying leads.
EFFICIENT– Adjusts motor speed based on site demands & system flow requirements resulting in reduced energy consumption/costs.
EXTENDS LIFE OF PUMP– Less wear & tear on motor and cooler running pumps due to water not bypassing.
IMPROVED CHEMICAL CONSISTENCY– Tighter tolerances on VFDs eliminate pressure fluctuations that may vary by +/- 10-15 PSI on standard water pressure regulators. 
POTENTIAL LOCAL UTILITY REBATES– Contact local utilities or check the national database at dsireusa.org for energy saving rebates.

Power Requirements: 230V/3PH/60Hz/18.6A* or 460V/3PH/60Hz/8.9A
40 GPM Grundfos Pump Dimensions: 15”W x 42”H x 19” D
VFD MCU Dimensions: 21”W x 20”H x 14”D
Water Inlet Lines: 40 GPM = 2” ID
Operating Water Pressure: 200 PSI (14 bar) (Factory Set) (Assumes 40 PSI (2.8 bar) City Feed)
Maximum Water Source Temperature: 140° F (+60° C)
Water Filtration (Suggested): 50 Micron

*Recommended for use with 30A breaker.

Pump System & MCU Site Voltage* Control Voltage Part Number
40 GPM (150 LPM), 7.5 HP Pump w/VFD 230V 24 or 120 VAC 1002123
40 GPM (150 LPM), 7.5 HP Pump w/VFD 230V 24 VDC 1002124
40 GPM (150 LPM), 7.5 HP Pump w/VFD​ 460V​ 24 or 120 VAC  1002121
40 GPM (150 LPM), 7.5 HP Pump w/VFD​ 460V 24 VDC 1002122

*Other voltage options may be available. Contact Hydra-Flex for more information.