Aqua Lab CS1 Arch
Aqua Lab CS1 Arch

Aqua-Lab CS1 Arch

Easily add or enhance an arch in your tunnel/conveyor car wash. Ideal for surface protectant applications, the CS1 Arch ties into the signal from your master controller to dispense chemical for any arch up to 2.9 GPM. The all-in-one, compact CS1 Arch unit is simple to install, easy to use, and can be used to replace individual mixing tanks or dosing pumps to get all the benefits of a full Aqua-Lab system.

The CS1 Arch system is pre-wired and plumbed for water, air, electric, and chemical control. Includes (1) pneumatic actuated water valve, (1) air valve, (1) air regulator with pressure gauge, (1) 2.9 GPM pump, (1) 1 HP Motor, (1) Chem-Flex injector, and (1) mounting panel. Operates on 120V/15A power.

Power: 120 V/1PH/60Hz/15A
Inlet Water Pressure: 0-60 PSI (0 - 4.1 bar) Inlet Feed at Max. Flow
Operating Water Pressure: 200 PSI (14 bar) Factory Set (Assuming 40 PSI (2.8 bar) City Feed)
Water Inlet Feed: 3/8” ID Inlet (1/2” ID Inlet on Triple Foam)
Water Filtration: 50 Micron (Recommended)
Solution Outlet: Up to 2.25 GPM (8.5 LPM) = 3/8” ID (1/2” OD Polyflow), 3.25 - 4.5 GPM (13.3 - 17 LPM) = 1/2” ID
Maximum Water Source Temperature: 140°F (+60°C)
Air Inlet Pressure: 80-120 PSI (5.5 - 8.3 bar) Dry Air
Air Inlet/Outlet: 3/8” OD Polyflow Tubing
Weight: 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
Dimensions: 20” L x 12” W x 16” H (51 x 31 x 41 cm)

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