Bug Prep Kit 2.0

FAST APPLICATION – The Bug Prep Kit converts 1 port on your Aqua-Lab into a gun-operated hand-prep system for applying foamed solution – fast. 

FOAMING PREP GUN – Gun with built-in foam generator maximizes your solution’s foaming, cleaning, and cling ability. Longer working length (30 ft.) of durable Polyflow hose runs air and solution to the gun simultaneously and is coiled for easy retraction and operation. 

IMPROVED RELIABILITY – New and improved features include a gauge isolator to prevent chemical attack on the pressure switch, a large dead-band on the pressure switch reduces unwanted air valve chatter, and a high-temperature shutdown box protects your pumps in the event of a plumbing leak. 

  Description  Part Number
  Bug Prep Kit For New Systems 1002258
  Bug Prep Kit For Retrofits (For Use With MCU's Without High Temperature Shutdown) 1002256


Replacement Parts

  Description  Part Number
  Foam Generator for Prep Gun 1001750
  Foaming Prep Gun 1001751
  Foaming Prep Gun, Hose, & Injector  1001754
  Dual Lumen 3/8" Spiral Hose 30' (9m) 1002254