Single Booster Rack Kit for MCU

EASY TO INSTALL - Simply slide the rack(s) in place - no wall mounting required (floor securing hardware is included). The Rack Mounting Kit holds any Aqua-Lab™ MDGEN2, XDGEN2, or HD panel with booster pump, motor controls, and basic tubing management. Systems are delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed for water, air, and chemical control.

IDEAL FOR RETROFITS - Don't lose revenue by shutting down to make upgrades. The Rack Mount Kit allows live changeovers from legacy equipment, and its streamlined, compact design takes up less overall wall space.

CONFIGURABLE - Install panel racks in line to create a centralized chemical control station or space them out to strategically optimize your back room.

   Space Requirements
  34“D x 35“W x 71“H (87 x 89 x 181 cm)
  Description  Part Number
  Rack Mount Single Booster Pump 1001242
  Rack Mount Back-Up Pump 1001362


For site voltage of 230V or 460V. Other voltage options may be available. Contact Hydra-Flex for more information.