Triple Hose Barb
Triple Hose Barb

NPT x NPT Triple Hose Barb

Triple hose barb Venturi injector for diluting three chemicals with water – ideal for adding a color and scent to your solution or for onsite blending of chemistry. Chem-Flex injectors are the most chemical-resistant injector on the market, manufactured using Kynar Venturi inserts, stainless steel connections, a Hastelloy spring, a Teflon check ball, and an exclusive XFC o-ring material, and last 2-4 times longer than stainless steel or brass injectors.

Injectors are color-coded based on the water flow needed for each individual application, and combine with color-coded chemical metering tips to proportion the precise chemical mix ratio.

Connection Type: 3/8” NPT x NPT, Stainless Steel
Pressure Range: 100-1000 PSI
Temperature Range: 33-175 degrees F
Number of Hose Barbs: 3
Maximum Wrench Torque: 30 ft-lbs

Injector Color Orifice Flow Rate @ 200 PSI Part Number
Red 0.057 1 GPM 139057
Orange 0.070 1.5 GPM 139070
Grey 0.083  2.0 GPM 139083
Blue 0.086 2.25 GPM 139086
Light Green 0.098 3.25 GPM 139098
Purple 0.117 4.5 GPM 139117
Dark Green 0.125 5.5 GPM 139125