Find Your Dealer – Marksman™ Long-Distance Cleaning Nozzles

Hydra-Flex, Inc. – an American manufacturer of fluid handling products – has been designing and perfecting high-pressure cleaning nozzles since 2002, and is now proudly introducing their newest patented, water saving technology: the Marksman™ Long-Distance Cleaning Nozzle.

Engineered for applications in the municipal, utility, and industrial markets, the Marksman is an optimal tool for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as lift stations, manholes, tanks, etc. With the ability to clean over 20 feet away, you are now able to easily attack grease, grime, and debris from a safe distance. Operators will no longer need multiple lances to reach extended distances or lower themselves into confined spaces with this long distance cleaning tool.

While the Marksman offers up to 20 GPM low-water flow design, it will help you reduce each job’s water consumption and duration, ultimately helping you complete jobs faster while minimizing the need to fill up your truck or trailer.

With a global network of dealers, Hydra-Flex knows that “seeing is believing” and wants to get a demo in your hands! Fill out the form below and your nearest Marksman dealer will be in contact to discuss an in-person demonstration. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more videos!

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