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Switchblade™ Zero-Degree Nozzle Pills slide number 1
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Switchblade™ Zero-Degree Nozzle Pills

Individual, replaceable, color-coded nozzle pills allow you to change water flow rate and pattern based on current soil conditions.


Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3200 PSI (220 bar)

Maximum Water Temperature: 180-degrees F (+82-degrees C)

Nozzle Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide

Part Numbers

Color Pill Part Number Flow Rate
@ 1000 PSI
1.0 Blue 1001780-010 0.50 GPM
2.0  Yellow 1001780-020 1.00 GPM
3.0 Green 1001780-030 1.50 GPM
4.0  Orange 1001780-040 2.00 GPM
5.0  Purple 1001780-050 2.50 GPM
6.0  Red 1001780-060 3.00 GPM
8.0  Black 1001780-080 4.00 GPM
10.0  White 1001780-100 5.00 GPM
12.0  Pink 1001780-120 6.00 GPM
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