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Industrial Cleaning

Marksman™ Long Distance Cleaning Nozzle

The Marksman™ is a long distance cleaning nozzle, designed to provide precision in distance and industrial cleaning performance. Engineered for any hard to reach cleaning applications in the municipal, utility, and industrial markets, the Marksman keeps the operators safer and more efficient while drastically reducing water consumption.

  • Superior Design - The Marksman™ is a static, 0-degree, solid-stream nozzle that was engineered for superior long-distance cleaning. Constructed out of stainless-steel housing, the nozzle is lightweight and durable.
  • Accuracy & Precision – With a controlled flow that provides optimal cleaning impingement over 20 ft., the Marksman is an ideal fit for cleaning corrosive environments like lift stations. The precise stream cleans accumulated solids and grease build-ups, while its accuracy reduces the operator’s chances of damaging crucial parts like pumps and electrical components.
  • Operator Safety – The nozzle requires the use of a 6 ft. minimum lance equipped with a dead man switch, ensuring the operator more control while resulting in less impending harm. Operators will no longer need multiple lances to reach extended distances or wear harnesses to lower themselves into confined spaces. This reduces time and effort on each job.
  • Reduced Water Consumption – The Marksman offers an up to 20 GPM - low water flow design, reducing each job’s water consumption and duration, while still providing superior results and performance.



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This nozzle was still working very well from 10-15 feet. This was with some fairly heavy grease build up on the side walls of this lift station.

Kurt Brown – Equipment Trainer/Demonstrator at Super Products LLC
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