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2 Ways to Cut Your Water Use Now

May 20, 2014

By: Hydra-Flex, Inc.

Drought MapYears of below-average rainfall have resulted in vast areas of the southern and western U.S. facing the worst drought conditions on record.  With water restrictions looming or already in force, car wash owners can use these tips to conserve water and add to their bottom line.


The ICA Water Savers Program requires that all spray nozzles are inspected at least annually to ensure maximum efficiency of water used.  As nozzles wear over time their performance declines, potentially wasting huge amounts of water and chemical.

  • Upgrade to Blast-Tec Pro Rotating Nozzles .  Our customers have seen significant water savings compared to flat fan nozzles – some up to 60%!*  The greater impingement of these nozzles allow you to use a smaller nozzle size and/or reduce the number of nozzles used, thereby reducing the total amount of water consumed.
  • Check for rebates.  Some local water agencies will provide rebates for commerical car wash equipment upgrades.  For example, Greeley, CO will rebate $1 per nozzle, up to 300 nozzles per year.


Traditional dosing and pumping systems rely on fluctuating city water pressure while Aqua-Lab Chemical Dispensing Systems use boosted pressure to deliver solution to the applicator (200 PSI at the pump, 65-80 PSI at the arch).

The technology is simple: higher delivery pressure yields smaller water droplet sizes, resulting in significant savings in water and chemical while providing better vehicle coverage and stunning visual results.

  • Document your results.  These simple equipment upgrades may help you meet or exceed regional or national water conservation program rules.

*Actual water savings will vary based on unique application.