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Hydra-Flex Inc Hoffman Resolve Patent Infringement Dispute

October 23, 2020

Chemical Dispensing SystemSAVAGE, MINNESOTA, October, 23 2020 – Hydra-Flex, Inc., Hoffman Car Wash, Inc., and InnovateIT Carwash Equipment, LLC today announced that they amicably resolved all differences regarding Hydra-Flex’s U.S. Patent No. 8,887,743 for a chemical delivery system and platform, with regard to past sales of InnovateIT’s “dispenseIT System,” as well as similar systems used by Hoffman Car Wash, as of October 9, 2020. A lawsuit filed in federal court in Albany, New York regarding the matter has been dismissed.

As a privately held Minnesota company who commercializes custom solutions concentrated on the science of fluid handling applications worldwide, Hydra- Flex’s current chemical dispensing systems include the Aqua-LabTM SD GEN2, Aqua-LabTM MD GEN2, Aqua-LabTM XD GEN2, and Aqua-LabTM HD.

In their commitment to innovation, Hydra-Flex believes that investing in the best research and design in the business leads to the development of superior products. Hydra-Flex currently holds 11 patents for our technologies in the vehicle car wash, hydro-excavation, industrial cleaning, and sewer jetting industries.

About Hydra-Flex, Inc.: Hydra-Flex, founded in 2002 with a commitment to innovation, holds patents on its chemical dispensing and nozzle technologies, and was named one of Minnesota’s Top Inventors by Twin Cities Business Magazine. Hydra-Flex’s direct-inject boosted pressure chemical dispensing systems deliver improved application coverage and enhance chemical performance while using less water, taking up less space, and requiring less maintenance and operating costs than traditional mixing, dosing, and pumping systems.


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