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Hydra-Flex introduces Aqua-Lab™ 3

July 7, 2021

The most reliable system in chemical dispensing just got better

SAVAGE, Minn. –– For more than a decade, the Aqua-Lab system by Hydra-Flex, Inc., has revolutionized car wash chemical dispensing. And now, the most reliable system in chemical dispensing just got better.

The all-new Aqua-Lab 3 chemical dispensing system is now available for pre-order and will begin to ship in August. Aqua-Lab 3’s evolution builds on the consistent, efficient and reliable performance customers depend on, and now offers a connected experience to move chemical dispensing into the future.

“We are so excited to unveil the next generation of Aqua-Lab,” said Jaime Harris, Hydra-Flex founder and CEO. “At Hydra-Flex, we always say, ‘What gets measured improves,’ so our team has been hard at work designing and improving the new system, and we’ve verified it with internal testing and field trials in car washes all across the country. Everyone is excited about the results.”

Improvements and new features

A new, intuitive, front-loaded design ensures Aqua-Lab 3 is remarkably easy to install, operate and maintain. The system and its Grundfos Integrated VFD pump deliver chemicals accurately and efficiently. It’s optimized to supply more pressure while using less power to reduce water, chemical and energy use.

Also, the next generation of Aqua-Lab is now connected thanks to Alfred, your personal car wash assistant. Alfred is an online monitoring system that offers real-time analytics, updates, alerts and summary reports to help watch over your wash.

“What excites me most about Aqua-Lab 3 is the Alfred platform, which creates a connected environment and provides operators instant access to the system’s performance and data analytics,” said Jeff Resmer, Hydra-Flex Director of Vehicle Care Sales.  “Alfred’s capabilities will evolve and expand as Hydra-Flex continues to innovate, giving operators a wealth of information to better manage their maintenance and operations processes.”

“My overall experience with the new system has been fantastic,” said Steven Gerring, owner of Gerring’s Car Wash in Wayzata, Minn. “The applications look great and everything foams really well. Customers have been complimenting it since it’s been installed, and everybody’s been really happy. I would recommend it to anybody.”

About Aqua-Lab™

Aqua-Lab chemical dispensing systems were developed using Hydra-Flex’s innovative, patented technology to provide the car wash industry with a chemical dispensing system that will, “Do more with less.”

Our reliable and efficient systems deliver consistent and accurate mixed solutions, take up less space, require less ongoing maintenance than traditional equipment, and improve your chemical performance and vehicle coverage while using less water and chemistry.

Aqua-Lab’s front-loaded panels and quick connects make it the best set-it-and-forget-it system in chemical dispensing. This versatile system can be configured for any number of applications and always performs, even with the most hyper-concentrated chemicals.

With thousands of systems in operation, Aqua-Lab has become, “The most reliable system in chemical dispensing.”

Learn more and contact us

To learn more about the new Aqua-Lab 3 system, visit our website or watch our digital launch video, and check out what customers are saying about the new system. Contact Hydra-Flex at hello@hydraflexinc.com and 952-808-3640 to ask questions, learn more, and to pre-order the new system.