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Hydra-Flex Nozzles Featured in Wash Trends Magazine

February 20, 2015

By: Hydra-Flex, Inc

An exerpt from “Building a Better Carwash: The Need for Nozzles”  (Click for full article)

Delivering a superior carwash is what carwashing is all about. Sure, there are many things that entice today’s carwash customer. Entertainment, great service and location all add to the success of a carwash. But the bottom line in getting a customer to return time after time is to offer the best quality wash, and the best way to achieve the best wash is to use the best quality elements… nozzles, for example… in the construction and maintenance of that carwash. As one might imagine, the market for these products is a competitive one.

So what’s the news in nozzles? For the owner-operator, many factors must be considered when purchasing nozzles, such as effectiveness, cost, material, energy efficiency, environmental impact, among others.

One company that has excelled in the business is Hydra-Flex in Burnsville, Minnesota, an expert engineering and manufacturing company that builds high-pressure nozzles, among other things. Their Blast-Tec Pro™ Rotating Turbo Nozzle, which delivers 1,000 PSI while using minimal water, was engineered specifically for high-pressure, high-impact vehicle-wash applications, including wheel blasters, undercarriage wash, rinsing and high-pressure cleaning, and it has been wildly popular.

Founded in 2002, Hydra-Flex’s mission is to develop innovative carwash products that solve problems, save precious resources, reduce operating costs and provide exceptional results for customers. When President Jaime Harris, along with co-founder Gary Brown, joined forces, the duo aimed to “find a better way” to engineer and manufacture original and reliable products for the vehicle-wash industry. Twelve years later, Hydra-Flex is listed on the 2014 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list–at #2905 to be exact–proving their mission has been quite successful, to say the least.

To what do they owe their success? “I am an optimist, so my thoughts are, ‘Solve problems.’ If you see a void or gap– ill it. Create value, and be passionate about what you do,” says Harris. Another critical ingredient is customer focus. “We provide quantitative value for our customers. From saving money, using less water, using less chemistry, requiring less maintenance, etc., we provide real, measurable results. And it is because of these results that our customers have become advocates for us.” 

Click to read full article.