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Ways To Save Water Without Compromising a Great Car Wash

July 8, 2014 | By: Hydra-Flex, Inc.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine released their July issue with a special report on conserving water.  The article, Water Needs 101, discussed how working with your local municipality, adding on a reclaim system and improving your chemical dispensing are three ways to provide a great wash, and save water and money at the same time.  Our very own Gary Brown is quoted in the chemical dispensing section of the article!

An Excerpt from This Article:

...“We’re in the business of washing cars, not floors and conveyors,” said Gary Brown, eastern regional sales manager atHydra-Flex Inc. Wash owners often forget, he added, that “it’s not just about mixing the correctly diluted solution; it’s having an understanding of how the solution is applied.” This problem is primarily caused by two things, he said, an inconsistent chemical dispensing system and/or improper sizing of the nozzles for application. The example that Brown gave, is for applicators that come standard with K-nozzles (deflected fan spray nozzles), which are designed for a 110-130 degree spray pattern. If, however, the operator doesn’t have “adequate flow rate to fill the entire fan angle, you will almost always see the fan pattern at a typical wash closer to 60 degrees," he said. "What this translates to is an understated fan pattern, which is usually heaviest on the outermost edges and very inconsistent and weak in the middle.”

A preventative maintenance schedule is recommended by Brown to improve water savings. “Many times when equipment isn’t working properly,” he said, “an operator will dial up the product usage on their chemical delivery system to compensate. This usually just results in more product waste with inadequate results.” Brown recently met a clever owner with his own laminated checklist about “critical pieces of equipment” with what needed to be done every three months, six months, and annually.

While it can cost money to buy new technology, Brown said washes can be wasting water and efficiency by sticking with outdated equipment. Direct-inject, boosted pressure chemical dispensing systems, he said, deliver more consistent and accurate mixed solution. They also have the added benefits of taking up less space, and not requiring the same level of maintenance. “A simple analogy,” he said, “is like comparing the effects you get from using an aerosol spray can to apply paint, versus an old pump sprayer that has much lower pressure. The higher-pressure aerosol can gives you a very thin, yet thorough application, unlike the lower pressure pump sprayer, which delivers inconsistent and sporadic coverage.”

Innovations and a better understanding of equipment continue to help carwashes provide a great wash with increased water savings. Working with your local municipality, adding on a reclaim system and improving your chemical dispensing are three ways to provide a great wash, and save water and money at the same time...

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