Chemical Dispensing Materials

Air-Link and Water-Link

Simplify Installation, Elevate Control, Enhance Rinsing Power

Sleek, compact, pre-built panels that easily “link” your air and water lines to save space, clean up your backroom, and make installation and use a breeze. 

Delivers precise, powerful air to extend
and retract cylinder-controlled brushes
throughout your wash.
New, easy-to-use water manifolds
accurately deliver water to
high and low-flow rinse applications.


  • Faster installation with integrated mounting locations
  • Incredibly reliable – validated to one million cycles
  • Pre-built panels save time, eliminate errors, and improve operation
  • Improved delivery and control of air and water to the tunnel
  • Front-loaded panels for fast and easy maintenance
  • Compact size – saves space and gives your backroom a clean, integrated look
  • Now available in both 24vAC and 120vAC


  • Threaded quick-connect or flying leads home run cable
  • Push-to-connect fittings for all connections
  • Co-located and pre-plumbed valves – more compact and fewer leak points


  • Improved valve technology – air-operated valves eliminate valves getting stuck open – reliable, less maintenance, lower water costs
  • Ball valves for easy adjustment to water flow to ensure proper function of low-pressure rinse applications
  • 1″ quick-connect inlet hose and much easier wiring for improved installation and maintenance

Now available! Contact us at, 952-808-3640, or contact your sales rep to learn more.  


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