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Aqua-Rocket™ Industrial Turbo Nozzle

This. IS. Rocket Science.

The Aqua-Rocket™ Industrial Turbo Nozzle is specifically designed and engineered for the Industrial Cleaning industry.

  • Durable & Long Lasting – The Aqua-Rocket is designed to stand up to the harshest environments and is proven to last five times longer than other leading nozzles during lab tests. It’s consistently reliable thanks to strict design and manufacturing tolerances and quality components, including a tungsten carbide nozzle tip in a stainless steel housing.
  • Complete Power Solution – The Aqua-Rocket blasts a concentrated, high-impact, 0° water jet at 1,500 – 5,000 PSI, while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 22° cone-shaped spray pattern.
  • Superior Cleaning Performance – The Aqua-Rocket’s superior impingement results in 95 percent greater force than the competition to quickly and effectively clean even the toughest dirt and grime. Hydra-Flex’s flow-straightening technology produces laminar flow to optimize stream quality and produce high-performance impingement.
  • Great Efficiency – The Aqua-Rocket completes jobs faster and uses less labor, less water, and less fuel.


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Featured Testimonial

Roskam Baking Company

“Before the Aqua-Rocket, cleaning the oven ductwork with our previous nozzles and cleaning methods meant this process could take as much as 16 hours depending on soil levels and length of previous production runs. After testing and switching to the Aqua-Rocket, this process’ overall completion time dropped by more than 50%. I can’t speak for everyone, but in our industry this is huge because it enables us to repurpose more than 8 employee man hours for other tasks - resulting in finishing cleanups faster and more efficiently!”
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