Chemical Dispensing Materials


Intended for use with tunnel/conveyor vehicle wash sites, Aqua-Lab MDGEN2 Micro Dose Chemical Dispensing Systems deliver precisely diluted chemistry to multiple applications simultaneously.


  • Chemically-Resistant Materials – An inert, chemically-resistant Kynar® manifold with integrated, air-actuated valves are designed and tested for reliable operation to 700,000 wash cycles, and offer enhanced simplicity, dependability, and contamination resistant over electric solenoid valves. New PC2 composite injectors stand up to the most aggressive, yet common, car wash chemicals.
  • Consistent & Accurate Chemical Delivery – The precisely diluted metered solution is delivered to the applicator, every time.
  • Improved Vehicle Coverage – Uses the suggested chemistry dilution rate but increases delivery pressure, resulting in less solution used with impressive vehicle coverage.
  • Lower Operating Costs – System utilizes less power, yet supplies more pressure, reducing the expensive waste of costly chemistry. For easy installation, systems are delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed and require little ongoing maintenance.
  • Intuitive Panel Design – New features include vertical valve orientation for clean plumbing management and a removable panel for easy access to air regulators.
  • Saves Space – All components can be wall-mounted, and system accurately delivers solution without cumbersome mixing tanks.


Featured Testimonial

Bill Lawrence, President & CEO - Bubbles Car Wash

The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites…The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?”
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