Chemical Dispensing Materials

Aqua-Lab™ MD


Intended for use with tunnel/conveyor vehicle wash equipment, Aqua-Lab MD Micro Dose Chemical Dispensing Systems deliver precisely diluted chemistry to multiple applications simultaneously. Customizable system is equipped to feed any and all applications in your tunnel, from a ¼ GPM (1 LPM) CTA up to high volume foam curtain applications.


Stainless steel air-actuated valves were designed for the rigorous demands of high volume sites and were tested for reliable operation up to 700,000 wash cycles.


Select your panel(s), pump(s), and motor control unit based on the number of applicators/arches and the total GPM flow required to feed all of them. Systems are delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed for water, air, and chemical control. Accessories are also available to customize Aqua-Lab to your unique equipment configuration.

Bill Lawrence, President & CEO - Bubbles Car Wash

The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites…The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?”
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