Chemical Dispensing Materials

Aqua-Lab™ 3

Now available!  

The most reliable system in chemical dispensing just got better. 

The new Aqua-Lab 3 offers all the power, optimum performance, and intuitive design you expect from Hydra-Flex. Our system is driven by a powerful Grundfos Integrated VFD pump, ensures less chemicals are used to save more, with minimal maintenance and little-to-no down time. 

Also, our system is now equipped with Alfred – your personal carwash assistant. Alfred is an online monitoring system that offers real-time analytics, updates, alerts and summary reports to help you watch over your wash. 

The new Aqua-Lab 3 system is:  

  • Consistent Aqua-Lab 3 uses regulated, boosted pressure and the VersaDial metering device to deliver the industry’s most accurately metered chemical solutions to the applicator.
  • Efficient The system is optimized to use less power while supplying more pressure, to reduce water and chemical waste.
  • Reliable Aqua-Lab 3 offers enhanced dependability with little-to-no ongoing maintenance thanks to its chemically resistant materials, robust air-actuated valves, and the Integrated VFD Grundfos pump.
  • Connected Alfred collects analytics from Aqua-Lab 3 to track your system’s performance metrics and send you real-time alerts.

Watch our digital launch event to see the new system and learn more about its features.

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Featured Testimonial

Steven Gerring, Owner - Gerring's Car Wash

“My overall experience with the new system has been fantastic. The applications look great, everything foams really well and comes on when it's supposed to. Customers have been complimenting it since it's been installed, and everybody's been really happy. I would recommend it to anybody.”  
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