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Save Water. Clean Better.

The Blast-Force™ Static, Zero-Degree, Solid-Stream Nozzle was designed specifically for pivoting, oscillating, or spinning high-pressure vehicle wash applicators.

  • Superior Rinsing & Cleaning – The Blast-Force’s concentrated, high-impact 0° water jet attacks tough road grime, and its powerful stream easily moves and rinses soap and foam from the vehicle.
  • Longer Life & Less Maintenance – With the superior wear and corrosion-resistance of tungsten carbide nozzle orifices, the Blast-Force will outlast nozzles with stainless steel tips, and is the ideal choice for use with reclaim water. Replacement nozzle pill inserts are also available for extended life and lower overall operating costs.
  • Less Water – Greater impingement allows you to use smaller Blast-Force nozzle sizes with lower GPM flow rates without sacrificing cleaning performance. In field trials, customers reported an average of 50% less water used with the same or better cleaning results.
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Featured Testimonial

Dan Crader, Owner / Operator at Best Express Car Wash

“Now that we have installed the Blast-Force™ and Blast-Tec Pro™ nozzles, our cost of water is about $0.30 per car. Our initial reason for switching to Hydra-Flex nozzles was to save water, and we have already experienced over 30% savings.”
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