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Revolution by Reaper™


The Revolution by Reaper is an all-in-one sewer jetting tool that builds on the cutting power of the Reaper, with the same front rotating stream and rear jets to clear the toughest blockages …

BUT the Revolution goes a step further adding dual rotating center streams with powerful 360° cleaning power to completely clean and de-scale the inside of the pipe.

“Revolutionized” Sewer Jetting

  • Cut, clear, and clean all at the same time
  • 360° of cleaning
  • Built for 6″-36″ municipal sewer pipes
  • Clears 3X more debris on the first pass than the competition
  • Use at least 25% less water
Cleaning Sub-Head (Center)

  • Rotates 360°
  • 57° dual side jets
  • Speed stays consistent throughout life
Forceful Front Stream

  • Cuts through and clears blockages
  • 0° straight-water stream that rotates to create a 30° cone
  • Blasts up to 2,500 PSI
Powerful Rear Jets

  • 10° straight jets
  • Maximum thrusting and pulling power

Additional Features

  • Centralizer ensures nozzle stays centered in pipe
  • Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement
  • Blockage, root, and FOG removal
  • Heavy-duty construction – stainless steel housing and carbide wear surfaces
  • Long life – withstands harsh environments
  • Repairable – Front Rotor, Side Jets, Rear Jets, and Overhaul Kits all available

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