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Switchblade™ Static, Zero-Degree Nozzle

Dig Faster. Save Water.

The Switchblade™ nozzle is designed and engineered for the rugged Hydro-Excavation industry. These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles allow you to cut through dirt faster while using dramatically less water.

  • Performance – Complete jobs faster with more runtime and less downtime. A combination of (1), (2), or (4) 0° solid stream nozzles provide greater impingement, allowing you to cut through soil faster while using dramatically less water. The Switchblade’s long, linear flow path is ideally suited for trenching applications.
  • Durability – These heavy duty, high impact nozzles are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than stainless steel nozzle tips.
  • Safety – Non-conductive Hytrel coating on the nozzle body protects the operator and sensitive underground utilities.
  • Flexibility –Individual, replaceable, color-coded nozzle pills allow you to change water flow rate and pattern based on current soil conditions.


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Your hydro-excavation nozzles definitely work better than the ones we were using. You can tell it’s got more power. You can feel it. You can hear it. I’m impressed…
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