Pump it Up – Grundfos 20 GPM Integrated VFD Promotion!

*230V is SOLD OUT – 460V’s are still available! 

*230V is SOLD OUT – 460V’s are still available! 

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers eligible for this promotion must be currently utilizing the Flint & Walling 20 GPM booster pumps.
  • Before the order is entered for purchase, the customer is required to provide a photo of the serial number on their Flint & Walling pump. At this time Hydra-Flex will deem this pump field destroyed, and all warranty and Hydra-Flex support will be void. The pump serial number will be tracked by Hydra-Flex and cross-referenced if the customer should call to inquire about support or warranty.
  • Only one new Grundfos pump per active Flint & Walling’s serial number.
  • All shipping and payment information is required before the order will be placed by Hydra-Flex.
  • Pumps cannot be expedited or returned. A restocking fee will be applied if a customer orders an incorrect voltage.
  • Shipments will be sent out on a first come first serve basis
  • This is limited quantity promotion running for a time period of 90 days, starting on March 1st and running through the end of May, or until supplies last. The special rate Grundfos pumps can only be purchased at this time, with no exceptions.
  • No additional discounts or customer promotions will be offered on top of the $2,550 price. There will be no exceptions.

Grundfos Pump Promotion

  • Enter all serial numbers of the pumps that you are replacing. Separate numbers with a comma.
  • Drop files here or
    *A photo of the Flint & Walling Serial Number plate for the pump that is being replaced is required in order for your Grundfos pump to be ordered.