The Sonny’s Backroom by Hydra-Flex Procurement Program (PP) is a supply management program based on the premise that value is defined as a combination of quality, service, and cost. Hydra-Flex works with a limited supply base to achieve the best value possible.*

Today, with equipment in thousands of locations, Sonny’s Backroom by Hydra-Flex is proud to maintain its reputation as the most trusted name in fluid handling, and much of this success is a result of aligning our stakeholders to our strategic initiatives. As a supplier and stakeholder, your alignment and execution are critical in continuing our mutual progress. The Sonny’s Backroom by Hydra-Flex Procurement Program (PP) is our method to ensure we are working together to meet customer expectations. PP is focused on establishing quality, service, cost, and continuous improvement metrics that align our valued supply partners with Sonny’s Backroom by Hydra-Flex’s strategies and actions to meet customer expectations. Performance and execution from our supply base is a critical success factor and establishing processes and programs in your organization to achieve PP targets is imperative to our mutual success.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 952-808-3640.

*In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have made a few minor changes to our PP Manual.

Changes include: Adding additional information regarding what does and does not constitute a non-conformance in the “non-conformances” section on page 7, added information to “Sub Supplier Requirements” section on page 12 to clarify that it isn’t Sonny’s Backroom by Hydra-Flex’s intent to manage sub-tier suppliers and HFI will always work with our direct supplier in any situation wherein we would plan to assess a sub-tier supplier, and added clarity in “Identification & Traceability” section on page 13 to show what type of information should be included where (on boxes or packing slips), and changed “should” to “may be” in regards to the request for Certificate of Conformance documentation on shipments