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Jim Rooney, Owner - 3 Minute Magic Carwash

Run, do not walk to your nearest Hydra-Flex Distributor and buy an Aqua-Lab! It is one of the few car wash technologies I have learned to forget about. I’ll explain… I have three tunnels and I always used to worry about my solution delivery system – was it working properly, did it give good coverage, would I find something clogged, will I overreact when I get to my wash and find it under performing? Not anymore – I have so much faith in the Aqua-Lab that I don’t ever think like that again!

[In regards to Blast-Tec Pro Rotating Nozzles]

Pick up your cell and call Hydra-Flex Inc. in Burnsville, MN – ask about their Blast Tec Rotating Nozzles. These nozzles will save water and help you turn out a better car! I’ve converted several applications over to these little powder kegs and I felt the impact immediately – no pun intended! Seriously, there are alternatives in high-pressure applications and these nozzles really help throw a punch.

Jim Rooney
3 Minute Magic Carwash

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