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Dan Crader, Owner / Operator at Best Express Car Wash

Best Express Car Wash is known as the best touchless car wash system in the St. Louis area. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service at the best value, and part of how we provide this is by utilizing Hydra-Flex’s high-pressure nozzles.

About three months ago, we retrofitted our Sonny’s Omnis and Parallelogram with Blast-Force™ solid stream and Blast-Tec Pro™ rotating turbo nozzles. The improvements to our wash, as well as our pockets, were immediately noticeable.

The first improvement we saw was how much cleaner of a car customers were receiving after installation. The nozzles easily move soap, wax, dirt, and grime from our customers’ cars. The “cleanability” offered by these nozzles is exceptional, and we have not had any problem with consistently providing our customers a clean car, every time, since the installation.

The second improvement we noticed was to our bottom line. Before installation, our average cost of water was $0.44 per car. Now that we have installed the Blast-Force™ and Blast-Tec Pro™ nozzles, our cost of water is about $0.30 per car. Our initial reason for switching to Hydra-Flex nozzles was to save water, and we have already experienced over 30% savings.

Another important value for us at Best Express Car Wash is reliability, and these nozzles have been nothing but reliable and durable. We haven’t experienced any clogging, and haven’t had to touch a replacement pill or repair kit since their installation.

Retrofitting our system with Hydra-Flex nozzles was one of the better things we ever did at our car wash. Both nozzles perform very well in application, reduce our water costs, and provide exceptional consistency. If you ask me, people need to try and do themselves some good and get these nozzles running in their washes as well.

Dan Crader
Owner / Operator
Best Express Car Wash
St. Louis, MO

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