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Andy Keller, Sewer Department Foreman – Big Bear City Community Services District

Big Bear, CA

The Big Bear City Community Services District Sewer Department provides wastewater collection service to Big Bear City and surrounding areas. The CSD Sewer Department serves almost 12,000 residential customers, 7 restaurants, 6 churches, 4 schools, and about 190 businesses in the Big Bear City community. The CSD is here to serve our customers with clean and safe water, and to provide collection of solid waste and wastewater in a fiscally responsible manner.

For the Sewer Department, efficient equipment that provides top customer satisfaction is important. When we first received the Reaper Rotating Jetting Nozzle from Hydra-Flex, we were surprised that it didn't have any moving parts [rotators] on the outside and that the nozzle was smaller in size than competitor nozzles.

After running the tool, everyone said that it was almost twice as fast to get the roots out than other nozzles and made it easier to push down the lateral.

The Reaper was a huge time saver because we didn't have to keep pulling out of the lateral. The combination of speed, cutting, and pushing helped us work 2x faster than the nozzle we were using before. The Reaper is now our "first responder" when we need to break lateral stoppages and root intrusions.

Andy Keller
Sewer Department Foreman
Big Bear City Community Services District
Big Bear, CA

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