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Bill Lawrence, President & CEO - Bubbles Car Wash

I was introduced to Hydra-Flex, Inc and Gary Brown at an annual ICA event a couple of years ago. The Aqua-Lab concept intrigued me and I decided to move forward testing a unit at one of my sites. The HFI team was great in implementing the Aqua-Lab system and training my staff and chemical provider on the best practices for this new technology. They are truly a company that cares about its customers and have great products.

The test proved to save me 26% in chemical cost and an even greater surprise was the almost equal water and sewer savings. How can you go wrong with an ROI that those savings will provide?

The Aqua-Lab is even more impressive in its consistent show and low maintenance. The coverage is top notch and always looks the same from car to car. My decision was easy to move forward and install the Aqua-Lab system in all the Bubbles Car Wash and Bubbles Express locations. Providing my customers a cleaner car and rewarding experience is my main objective, and the Aqua-Lab gives me that control in my chemical dispensing, all while saving me time and money.

Bill Lawrence
President and CEO
Bubbles Car Wash
Houston TX

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