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Brett Meinberg, President at Car Wash Express

Hydra-Flex Staff,

Car Wash Express started using the Aqua-Lab system five years ago, and simply said it is one of the best changes we have made to our chemical dispensing systems. After the initial test, we have since installed the Aqua-Lab in all six of our tunnels, and plan to put them in all future locations as well.
One of the best features about the Aqua-Lab is the savings it has offered us, in more ways than one. The Aqua-Lab consistently delivers precise mixed solutions, which has enhanced our chemical performance as well as reducing our chemical costs. Because of its ability to be quickly installed, our costs of changing over and building new sites have also been reduced. Maintenance costs have significantly been reduced as well thanks to this efficient and easy to use product.
Another feature that is important to us about the Aqua-Lab is the presentation it gives our tunnel. Our triple foam has never looked better! In fact, all foaming applications look significantly better and are easier to manage when using the Aqua-Lab.
The people at Hydra-Flex are unlike any other. They listened to our ideas every step of the way and have consistently improved their products. I have never seen a company stand behind a product like they do, and I plan to have their Aqua-Lab in all my future locations.

Brett Meinberg
Car Wash Express
Englewood, CO

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