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Tim Jones, Owner & President - Champion Car Wash

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great products that you have brought to the car wash industry with the Aqua-Lab and your Blast-Tec nozzles. The Aqua-Lab has been a steady and reliable chemical dispensing system for me at my full service tunnel. My chemical titrations are steady and do not fluctuate like the performance of traditional mixing and pumping stations. Also, I do not have the maintenance and repair issues on the Aqua-Lab as I do with hydrominders and air pumps. More importantly, I am saving nearly 25% chemical costs by using the Aqua-Lab!

Also, I am really excited about the use of Blast Tec nozzles on my tunnel high-pressure applications. I was surprised to find that I am getting superior cleaning out of the Blast Tec nozzles while using 40% less water. I have also discovered that, because I am using less water, I can place both my top and side high-pressure applications on a single pumping station, and free up the second pumping station for an additional wheel cleaning high- pressure application. This will allow me to not only provide the customer cleaner wheels, but I also can charge them more, which will increase my sales per car!

After the Car Care World Expo, I will be remodeling two of my express tunnels in Nashville, TN. I will be adding an Aqua-Lab at both locations, which will eliminate my traditional mixing/pumping stations and the associated maintenance and repair problems. It will also take up less equipment room space, yet allow me to add additional chemical functions. I will also be adding an additional high-pressure wheel cleaner because of the water savings and superior cleaning that your Blast Tec nozzles provide. The bottom line is: I will be able to increase my ticket average because of your products!


Tim Jones
Owner and President

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