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Dapper Dan's Car Wash

I was brand new to the car wash industry when I started the process of building Dapper Dan’s. I toured the nation and looked at over 60 different washes to learn about different dispensing technologies on the market. At that time, everyone was getting into the direct inject systems, so I decided to try out one of your competitors’ direct inject solution distribution systems.

When Dapper Dan’s first opened, we hit the ground running. Our doors opened and the cars came flooding in. We immediately had problems with our dispensing equipment- always fluctuating, having issues, and needing maintenance. It was an absolute nightmare.

We’d call the manufacturer of this dispensing equipment about these problems, and they would give little to no support. Every couple of months, they would send someone out who would point fingers and basically guess as to what a solution could be. Finally, we told them we were done with the system and began looking for something else.

I started researching different chemical dispensing options, and every car wash owner I spoke with that was using an Aqua-Lab was happy with it. We installed the Aqua-Lab Chemical Dispensing System two years ago. Even with washing an above average number of cars, we have still not had any failure or maintenance issues with the system. I don’t have to touch or look at it at all. I went from living the biggest nightmare with your competitor’s product to basically forgetting about my chemical dispensing system all together with the Aqua-Lab.

I am a beliver in the air solenoid valves Hydra-Flex uses (rather than electrical solenoids). The Aqua-Lab is so simple to work with, and with less moving parts this sytem requires less maintenance. Hydra-Flex has acheived a simple way to dispense chemicals that no one else in the industry has done.

The people at Hydra-Flex are also some of the best I’ve worked with. When I was having issues with your competitor’s product, their technical support team would hide from the problems and ignore the panic and anxiety it was causing us. With Hydra-Flex, I can awlays get a hold of someone and everyone is more than happy to answer any questions I have.

My advice to other car wash owners is to not even touch any other chemical dispensing system. Hydra-Flex has specialized and perfected dispensing technology, and has made washing cars simple and trouble free.

Ryan Kuhns
Dapper Dan’s Car Wash
Santa Clarita, CA

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