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Bruce Bergstrom, CEO - Energy Construction Solutions, Inc. (ECS)

Hydra-Flex Team,

I’m writing to let you know how pleased we are with your hydro excavation nozzles.  Our company, ECS, specializes in hydro excavation services and our mission is to provide safe and efficient construction solutions to our customers.  We own two trucks with another on the way, and do a significant amount of work at a local nuclear power facility.

We first heard about your nozzles at the WJTA‐IMCA 2014 expo where I watched a video of them in action. Immediately we could see that this is something we had to try.  We purchased three of both the Ripsaw rotating nozzle and Switchblade linear nozzle and have been using them ever since.

The results are easy to quantify.  Before we were using industry‐standard nozzles and would on the average have to dump the debris/slurry two to three times a day.  We gave your nozzles to our operators and they each came back saying, “It’s amazing! We had to empty the debris four times today.” What this means to us is a nearly 30% increase in productivity.  It’s a simple little thing on a 1/2 million-­dollar truck, and we were surprised how big a difference it made.  The most gratifying comment came from our customer who immediately noticed the increase in our production.

In summary – you’ve got a great product.  It is enabling our young company to establish the strong reputation necessary to compete in this market.  We are receiving more interest almost daily, and have recommended it to some of our colleagues in the industry.  Keep up the great work.


Bruce Bergstrom
Energy Construction Solutions, Inc. (ECS)
Burlington, KS

ECS Bergstrom