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This letter is to inform you of how pleased we at Flagstop have been with your products. I truly believe Hydraflex has one of the most innovative and perhaps “industry changing” products.

As you are aware we installed our first Aqua Lab in the summer of 2010 at our busiest full service location. Prior to the switch we used a total of 13 pneumatic pumps and hydrominders for our dispensing system. My managers and maintenance supervisor were rebuilding and/or replacing pumps, regulators, hydrominders, etc a couple times per month. Of course something would always happen on the busiest of days. We also had a water pressure issue at this site and when we had those busy days the hydrominders could not keep up and mix correctly.

Since installing the Aqua Lab at this site we have seen a consistent product application that is better than ever. We honestly have not touched the Aqua Lab for any reason since dialing it in to where we wanted it. My managers check their chemical levels and that is it. No more replacing pumps, etc.

The science behind the Aqua Lab allowed us to reduce the nozzle sizes in the tunnel. Using a direct cost per car analysis of the first 6 months of 2010 (prior to Aqua Lab) and the first 6 months of 2011 (after Aqua Lab) we have estimated a savings of approximately 20% in chemical cost and another 8% in water.

Our equipment room is neater, less cluttered and we are giving better coverage and “show” than ever before. We have since installed two more systems and are working towards changing all of our locations soon. It would be a “no brainer” for us to install an Aqua Lab at any future new locations.

We have also started using your Blast Tec rotating nozzles. One site where we were having issues we replaced twelve (12) 3GPM with nine (9) of your 1.5GPM Blast Tec nozzles. The angle of the sparay pattern and impact took care of the issues we were having. This has reduced our water usage on this application by over 60% and with much better results!

If the rest of the car wash industry can catch up to what you guys have done with just these two great products I think we can expect to see a lot of change in the future!

Thanks for the great products and support!

Jamie Nester
Executive Vice President
Flagstop Corporation

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