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Todd Baright, President - Foam and Wash Car Wash

[in regards to Aqua-Lab]

We have enjoyed success with two of your great products. As you know we contacted your company when we were frustrated and were unsuccessful cleaning cars in our touchless automatic. Your team responded quickly and professionally to help us with sizing and specs, and overnight we were cleaning cars!

Appreciating that distinct turn around we decided to try your Aqua-Lab. Wow, do you guys work for NASAon the side? The quality is amazing. Now we blend chemicals with ease, low maintenance, consistent application, better coverage and you allowed us to really dial down our product usage. Our charts show we are saving 15 – 20% per car on chemicals.

We don’t just wash the cars at Foam & Wash, now we clean them too!

[in regards to Blast-Tec Pro Rotating Nozzles]

We are ecstatic! I am writing to express exactly how happy we are with your Blast Tec Pro Oscillating zero degree nozzles.

Before your nozzles, we were beside ourselves, literally not sleeping because our new touchless automatics could wash a car but could not clean a car. No matter the soap, temperature, or speed, etc. we left a film on vehicles…washed but not clean. Your team was helpful and prompt with evaluation and solutions.

Furthermore, your Aqua Lab and Chem Flex injectors “really suck”…strong and consistently that is. Your staff helped us find just the right overall flow of water and product to allow us to paint the car with presoak.

We are now producing clean and shiny cars. My family and I are also sleeping through the night…thank you!

Todd Baright

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