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Leon Beyder, President at Glow Express Car Wash

Glow Express Car Wash is known for its state of the art equipment and streamlined process of perfecting the cleanliness of vehicles, and the Aqua-Lab is one way that we’ve obtained this reputation.

When going through our most recent series of upgrades to a modernized tunnel, the Aqua-Lab was our chemical dispensing system of choice. One reason for this is because of its compact design and wall-mounting abilities that helped us save on space in our back room, giving us more opportunity for chemical and workspace.

The Aqua-Lab’s ease of use is incomparable. We have no problem adjusting air pressure, changing metering tips and injectors, mixing chemicals, and delivering those chemicals to multiple applications in the wash at once.

Probably most importantly, the efficiency and consistency of the Aqua-Lab is what puts this system above traditional chemical and dosing equipment. Not only have I experienced savings of about 25% in chemical costs thanks to the Aqua-Lab, but I have also noticed an extremely high yield in my chemicals without sacrificing the appearance of the chemical upon applying.

We at Glow Express Car Wash, are in constant pursuit of high quality vehicle washing equipment, and nothing has compared to the design, ease of use, and efficiency of the Aqua-Lab. My Hydra-Flex sales representative is the best I’ve worked with and stands behind this product like no other. Hydra-Flex’s reliable equipment and staff are what keeps us coming back for more. Every site that we intend on purchasing in the future will surely have The Aqua-Lab in the chemical room.

Leon Beyder
Glow Express Car Wash
Edison, NJ

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