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Regarding Ripsaw Rotating Hydro-Excavation Nozzles:

It definitely works better than the ones we were using.  You can tell it’s got more power.  You can feel it.  You can hear it.  It definitely works better.

That’s layers of frozen solid ground and it cut through pretty good.  And it moves the rocks, it moves the stuff out of the way.  Instead of having to chip at little rocks, this one is actually throwing them.  It has a slower speed to it than what we were using.  It’s a big part of it, helping throw the rocks out of the way instead of just misting them with water and having to poke at them.  With your stuff, you don’t even have to get that close to it and it flings the rocks out of the way.  Yeah, I’m pretty impressed.

That’s our biggest challenge – filling up.  You carry 800 gallons of water, 1000 gallons of water, and it all ends up in the debris body.  We’re limited to how much material we can take.  If we can use less water, we can dig bigger holes.  I’m completely sold on these.  And this is just one try here, in the absolute worst conditions of digging.  I can only imagine in better ground, better soil, it can really move some dirt.

Regarding Switchblade Linear Hydro-Excavation Nozzles:

You’re taking out a lot of ground really quick – that’s pretty impressive.  It would also work well for spraying out the truck because right now we just use a single 0 degree nozzle to spray it.  [The Switchblade Nozzle] would cut it down to a fraction of that.

You have the option of turning it sideways, so you can just keep a nice cutting action.  You can carve some really nice holes with that.  We do a lot of trenching where it doesn’t have to  be very wide.  This nozzle would be perfect.  It’s nice that there’s different options.  Pretty impressive.

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