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Testimonials – Hydro-Excavation


“The Ripsaw HD that I have been currently using is amazing! I now have over 700 hours on it, and the cover still looks great. I was operating this nozzle at winter’s end, so it has been through all conditions from thick frost, road pack, and very rocky conditions.”


The Machete would be more of a finishing tool, opening up the hole a little bit better, the initially like I said you’d start out with the ripsaw, get the hole cut open and then doing it as a finishing tool, push the dirt, get it into the boom, and it’ll work a lot better.

Subsurface Construction

“As a result from using the Ripsaw HD, the biggest advantage/improvement over other nozzles was the life of the nozzle. Instead of 1-3 weeks before the nozzle needed replacement or repairs, we experienced at least 2x the life of the ocver on the Ripsaw HD nozzle. The Ripsaw HD is now our primary nozzle used and stocked on our trucks. We save money on the number of nozzles used over time and need fewer nozzles in stock at any one point since they get replaced less often.”

Jet Hydrovac

“Our company has 5 units and they are all equipped with Ripsaws because they withstand the harsh Calgary environment. For about 4 months I have been using my #8 Ripsaw for 2-3 loads a day in -30º C (-22º F) temperatures, running water at 60-70º C (140-160º F), for 8-12 hours a day with little to no effect on the Ripsaw’s performance. The “guts” of the Ripsaw have not needed any replacement or repair, and it still cuts as good as it did right out of the box.”

MB Construction, LLC

“We have over 300 hours on a Ripsaw #6 with no replacements or repairs. I would recommend this product to excavating companies due to its longevity. If you like to do things like MB Construction does- the right way- you need not only a hard working and knowledgable team, but you need reliable equipment as well.”

Jim Spickelmier, Owner & President - Spickelmier Horizontal Directional Drilling

“We have had the Ripsaw for over seven months now, and it is still working great. My employees have said that they are getting more done and using less water than ever before. No one should hesitate to buy the Ripsaw.”

Steve Rogers, Owner - Rogers Hydro Vac Service

“On day one of the project we used a Stoneage dual-tip with a total flow of 9 GPM. On day two we tried one of your single Switchblade [Ace] nozzles at the same pressure also with a total flow of 9 GPM. We found that production the second day was 4 times as much as the first day.”

Bruce Bergstrom, CEO - Energy Construction Solutions, Inc. (ECS)

“…It’s amazing!…What this [nozzle] means to us is a nearly 30% increase in productivity. It’s a simple little thing on a 1/2 million-­dollar truck, and we were surprised how big a difference it made. The most gratifying comment came from our customer who immediately noticed the increase in our production.​”


Your hydro-excavation nozzles definitely work better than the ones we were using. You can tell it’s got more power. You can feel it. You can hear it. I’m impressed…