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I have worked in hydrovac for about seven years, and I have used many types of spinners that all seemed disposable; the cover immediately falls apart or the nozzle itself either won’t spin or spins very slow. I think this is due to companies using the cheapest materials possible to keep the nozzle’s cost low, but by doing this they are sacrificing its quality and durability. The only spinner I have used that is both dependable and durable is the Ripsaw.

We at Jet Hydrovac first heard word of the Ripsaw from Terry Rawn with Hydrovac Nation. At first I thought it may be disposable like all other spinners on the market, but after the first load with the Ripsaw I was blown away by its abilities. Knowing the capabilities and durability of the Ripsaw gives us extra confidence on the job site and makes our jobs a lot easier. The jacket used on the Ripsaw complies with our hot dig/live dig procedures for live power and high-pressure gas lines. The Ripsaw – if used properly by letting the stream/jet move the material rather than stabbing/spearing the ground – will last a very long time. Letting the Ripsaw’s jet move materials will make for very effective and safe digging.

We are known for our cold weather and challenging conditions up here in Calgary, Alberta. Our company has 5 units (the 6th unit is on its way) and they are all equipped with Ripsaws because they withstand the harsh Calgary environment. For about 4 months I have been using my #8 Ripsaw for 2-3 loads a day in -30º C (-22º F) temperatures, running water at 60-70º C (140-160º F), for 8-12 hours a day with little to no effect on the Ripsaw’s performance. The “guts” of the Ripsaw have not needed any replacement or repair, and it still cuts as good as it did right out of the box.

After using the #8 and #10 Ripsaws, I noticed a huge difference in the amount of water used compared to other spinners. Personally, I like the #8 and have been able to load exactly the right amount of water for legal loads and leave enough to wash out. Other operators in my company like using the #10 and say that it has more jam and moves materials in a greater volume. When we used a #6 Ripsaw I noticed it used a very low amount of water. This would be great to use if water is unavailable or in low supply.

The biggest reason why we like the Ripsaw at Jet Hydrovac is because it’s dependable (has not needed a repair kit and still cuts like it did brand new) and is the best bang for your buck (it’s not made with cheap materials and is not disposable). How can you not love this product?

Kurtis Webber – Operator
Jet Hydrovac
Calgary, AB Canada

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