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Matt Toombs, Owner & General Manager - Jet Splash Full Service Car Wash

During the planning stages of my second wash, Jet Splash 2, my equipment rep introduced me to Hydra-Flex and the Aqua-Lab. I heard and understood all the benefits, but I had reservations because the concept was still relatively new. My plumbing contractor told me the difference in his bid equated to thousands of dollars in savings to install the Aqua-Lab, I figured it was the right choice.

The ease of use of the Aqua-Lab is better than I expected. The application of product is consistent and the coverage is amazing. All this with a significant reduction of chemical usage from my first wash, Jet Splash 1. When it came time to build Jet Splash 3, purchasing another system was an easy decision. Now I have Aqua-Labs in all 3 of our washes. It’s a must for any operator.

Matt Toombs
Owner and General Manager
Jet Splash Car Wash
Lincoln, Nebraska

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