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Eric Murphy, Owner / Member – MB Construction, LLC

Monticello, MO

At MB Construction, we pride ourselves on the idea that no project is too big or too small for us. Our purpose is simple: do the job right the first time. As a top excavation company in the Midwest, we use products that we know will get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.

We run a McLaughlin VX50-500 vac and our pump runs at 3200 PSI. Before the Ripsaw, we were using a generic tip that was only lasting about 35 hours. Our projects are always extensive at MB Construction, so we knew we needed a more reliable product.

I first heard of Hydra-Flex from their trade show booth at the WWETT trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana. After learning about their rotary Ripsaw nozzle, I had no concerns about buying the product.

The longevity of the Ripsaw was exactly what we were looking for in a hydro excavation nozzle. We have over 300 hours on a Ripsaw #6 with no replacements or repairs. I would recommend this product to excavating companies due to its longevity. If you like to do things like MB Construction does- the right way- you need not only a hard working and knowledgeable team, but you need reliable equipment as well.

Eric Murphy
Owner / Member
MB Construction, LLC
Monticello, MO

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