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Midland Pumping Service has built a sold reputation on excellent customer service, efficiency, and unmistakable quality over the past 25 years. We offer prompt and affordable services for pumping and drain cleaning, grease trap systems, and septic tanks. We believe in quality work and customer satisfaction, hence the need for quality and reliable products to help us get the job done.

Previously we had used Hydra-Flex’s Ripsaw nozzle designed for hydro excavation, so we were looking forward to using their tool that was specifically for jetting. Our first impression of the Reaper Rotating Jetting Nozzle was that it was bigger than we expected, but the size actually made it perfect for getting around corners.

The more I use the Reaper, the more it becomes my go-to tool for grease clogs in lines. It has great forward penetration and easily breaks through whatever is stopping me.

Justin Elge
Midland Pumping Service
Omaha, NE

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