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Matt Riker, Operations Manager - Mighty Wash

Hydra-Flex Staff,

I am writing to let you know how happy Mighty Wash is with your Aqua-Lab chemical dispensing systems.  For the first six years of my car wash career all I had used were hydrominders – that’s all any of us knew at the time.  They were always inconsistent: o-rings and gaskets always come apart, and if the float gets stuck you’re over applying chemicals.

When we started Mighty Wash in late 2011 one of your distributors, Bobby West of Twin Distributing, suggested we try this new kind of dispensing equipment in our first site.  What did we find out?  It’s amazing. It’s been so simple – just changing injectors and putting tips in, and everything is made with quick connects.   There are so many other factors: the colors are brighter, the foaming of the chemicals, it altogether works.

We like to keep all of our locations the exact same for consistency, and this is the most consistent system that I’ve ever used.  We do chemical inventory every day.  Unless we change an injector or tip, today will be the same as three months from now.  Ultimately the biggest cost you can control at any car wash, besides labor, is chemical.  With hydrominders we were using a lot more chemical.  At the time our average cost was between $0.80-1.00/car.  At all four of our existing sites we’re now between $0.20-0.45/car depending on chain speed.  That’s an over 50% reduction!

Over time you’ve done an awesome job of making your system even better.  The service is great, and you stand behind your product.  If we have any issues, you’ve fixed them, and call back to see if everything is rectified.  We now have four locations with the 5th under construction. Mighty Wash is going to continue to grow, and unless someone comes up with a crazy new system, we’ll be using Hydra-Flex from here on out.

If you want to see how to wash cars, visit West Texas.  I welcome anyone to come see our system.  We only install the best of everything, including Hydra-Flex, and we’re proud of what we do.

Matt Riker
Operations Manager
Mighty Wash, TX

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