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Steve Rogers, Owner - Rogers Hydro Vac Service

Hydra-Flex Team,​

We are a hydro excavation service contractor, doing work mostly in the natural gas and pipeline industries, and I wanted to let you know what a difference your nozzles have made for our company.

I have been using your rotating nozzles for a while.  In the past we had used pressure washer style turbo nozzles – there’s just no comparison to your Ripsaw. The other ones were simply that, just pressure washer nozzles, not something designed for hydro excavation.

When I stopped by to talk with your staff at a tradeshow, I requested for you to make a single-head 0° nozzle and was glad when I saw you released one.  Just recently we had a job that we didn’t know what the conditions were before getting there.  It was a tough job – the soil was extremely hard and compacted because it had previously been a road in this natural gas facility.  On day one of the project, we used a Stoneage dual-tip with a total flow of 9 GPM.  On day two we tried one of your single Switchblade nozzles at the same pressure also with a total flow of 9 GPM.  We found that production the second day was 4 times as much as the first day.  If the person who hired us knew nothing about hydro excavation and made their decision solely on our performance on day one, they would have been disappointed.  Once we switched over, we were able to show them the way that it should be.

The Switchblade Ace was definitely the right tool for the job.  It’s precise single stream really made a difference in this hard, compacted soil.  Having that nozzle made us look better than the competition.


Steve Rogers
Rogers Hydro Vac Service
Hunlock Creek, PA

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