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Richard Davison - Shiners Car Wash Systems

Every so often something extraordinary comes on to the market and I feel compelled to write to you to personally to tell you about just such a product.

Although Touchfree washing has come a long way over the last 16 years or so, bugs and stubborn road film still remain the challenge and escalating costs of water and trade waste fees are placing an even greater focus on water usage. Increasing the levels of recycled water to reduce mains water consumption tends to only aggravate wash quality as well as other issues along the way.

During my most recent trip to the Car Care International Car Wash Convention in Las Vegas last May (my 19th consecutive trip!!), I was chatting with a group of fellow Jim Coleman distributors who enquired as to whether I had yet tried what they described as a ‘breakthrough’ development in nozzle technology in both wash quality and water consumption.

Now claims of this type are usually taken with a fairly high degree of skepticism by yours truly (I’ve heard them all before), but coming from fellow distributors with no vested interest made me take notice. I visited the Hydra-Flex stand and purchased the set on display, 24 nozzles in total over 3 sizes, designed specifically as a retrofit for the Water Wizard, covering rocker panels, sides and top boom. Immediately upon my return, I fitted them to one of the earliest Water Wizard 2.0’s imported into Australia, located at my own Frankston car wash location.

Well, the improvement was both immediate and dramatic. Wash quality improved out of sight. The rotating strobe spray pattern of the Hydra-Flex nozzle improved the coverage over the vehicle surface considerably, virtually eliminating any pin striping (often noticeable if the V pattern of the existing nozzles is not set at precisely the correct angles or as the spray pattern deteriorates with wear).

The nozzles have now been in operation at Frankston for well over 6 months and customer satisfaction has gone through the roof. They have required absolutely no maintenance and we have seen no drop off in performance to date, which clearly is an improvement, particularly with high levels of recycled water.

Recommended pump pressure is reduced from 1000 to 700 psi, which when combined with the ground breaking design, significantly reduces water usage, noise and wear and tear (my pump was struggling to reach 1000 psi anyway and I was facing an expensive repair bill for valves and seals which I now don’t need to worry about). We are now having these Hydra-Flex nozzles fitted as standard equipment on all new systems leaving the Jim Coleman factory in Houston.

To say I am excited about this new product would be an understatement. But don’t take my word for it, speak to the people who have spent their own hard earned dollars purchasing it. Below are brief testimonials from the customers who purchased the first batch of 5 sets imported, all of whom would welcome your call should you wish to seek further information.

Our second batch of 15 sets arrived just before Christmas and were oversold purely from word of mouth, but further stocks are due to arrive shortly. Please do yourself a favour and make what is a very small investment in something that will significantly improve wash quality, customer satisfaction and significantly reduce costs at the same time.

Please feel free to call myself, Fred, Geoff or James for pricing and availability or any further information.

Kind Regards,
Richard Davison

“We have two Water Wizards and trialed the nozzles on one system initially and the difference in wash quality between the two was quite significant. We carried out our own independent water usage tests and the results were even better than the 37% savings claimed by the supplier. We have since applied for and received a grant for “Small Business Water Efficiency” covering 50% of the cost of the nozzles. We are very happy with the results and have now installed a second set”.
– Graeme Foreman – Wizard Car Wash Mildura

“The results with the new nozzles and pre-soak have been unbelievable. We have customers driving from Somerville 15 kilometers away where our other wash is located, because the wash quality is now so much better here. We have now ordered nozzles for our Somerville wash to be fitted ASAP. The new pre-soak is also delivering great results. We are using only 100 ml per car which is extremely cost effective and giving us far fewer issues with our recycle system”
– Andrew McKenzie – Hastings Super Shine

“The new nozzles are fantastic and combined with the new pre-soak we are delivering a much better wash. I couldn’t be happier with the results”
– Leonard Nov – Storm Wash Hoppers Crossing

“They are brilliant, absolutely fantastic”
– Phil Middling – Car Wash on Waterdale

“Fantastic, couldn’t beat them. We initially only installed them on one of our two Water Wizards, but I cannot leave the second auto as is, because our customers are now queuing for the one with the new nozzles. We have also found they do a much better job of removing bugs, which is really important in a country area”
– Steve Earsman – Tamworth Wizard Car Wash

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