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Kevin Wood, Owner - Snappy Express Car Wash

I am writing to share with you how your products have helped me at my car wash locations. I have installed your Blast-Tec nozzles on my MacNeil wheel blaster and on my Motor City Wash Works Axis Arch. I also purchased an Aqua-Lab for a location that I remodeled from the ground up. I have been very satisfied with both and I am currently installing another Aqua-Lab in a short 40’ express tunnel where I took out an inbay to convert it to a conveyorized system.

Listed below are some reasons I like the Blast-Tec Nozzles:
1. The longevity of the Blast-Tec Nozzles is better than I have seen in similar turbo nozzles, I was continually replacing turbo nozzles before I tried the Blast-Tec nozzles. I use reclaim water for the nozzle and since I installed the Blast-Tec nozzles I have only had a couple fail after over 150,000 cars.
2. I have been able to work with your company to get the correct size of nozzle to maximize the efficiency of my pumps. This has helped with cleaning because the pressure is higher.
3. The cleaning ability from the Blast-Tec nozzles is better than other turbo nozzles I have used.

Advantages of the Aqua-Lab:
1. Footprint – The last car wash I remodeled has a very small equipment room. We would have never had the wall space for 17 hydrominder mixing stations. With the Aqua-Lab I was able to fit 15 functions (2 of those having 3 products on 1 function) in a space where I would have only been able to fit 8 mixing stations.
2. Consistency – Once the Aqua-Lab is set up and dilution ratios/air pressures are set it doesn’t change. Because it uses pumps for water, I don’t have to worry about changes in water pressure changing my dilution ratios.
3. Coverage – I was blown away with how even the coverage is with the Aqua-Lab. I started in this business running Laserwash 4000 and was used to that kind of coverage. I was never real happy with using flowjet pumps with k nozzles. The Aqua-Lab has changed this for the tunnel market. I also really like how precise the system is. On CTAs for example, they are only on for a couple of seconds and then off. With the Aqua-Lab there is no lag time or waiting on pressure to build up. When the function turns on it is spraying.

I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using products from Hydra-Flex. Thank-you for being a company on the cutting edge. It is always refreshing to see innovative products brought to the market. Keep up the good work!!


Kevin Wood

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