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Subsurface Construction

Subsurface Construction specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in a variety of soil conditions and substrates such as clay, silt, sand, loam, and gravel. We are often able to cross streams and rivers as well as marshes and swamps with no impact on the environment. We do this by mixing the right personnel with the best equipment. Our equipment is state of the art and from the top names including Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Kabota, John Deere, and VacMasters.

We were introduced to Hydra-Flex by our Vactor representative, and the Ripsaw HD was introduced to us by your Industrial Sales Manager. The Ripsaw HD has the same internal parts as the standard Ripsaw, but is equipped with a heavy-duty cover that was designed to last in extreme environments. Our original concerns, before buying the Ripsaw HD, was how long it would last. Previously we had experienced issues with wear and tear of nozzles, resulting in short operating lives. As a result from using the Ripsaw HD, the biggest advantage/improvement over other nozzles was the life of the nozzle. Instead of 1-3 weeks before the nozzle needed replacement or repairs, we experienced at least 2x the life of the cover on the Ripsaw HD nozzle.

The Ripsaw HD is now our primary nozzle used and stocked on our trucks. We save money on the number of nozzles used over time and need fewer nozzles in stock at any one point since they get replaced less often. Due to the quality of the product, as well as the level of service we consistently receive from Hydra-Flex, they are now our sole supplier of hydro excavation nozzles and tips.

Rob Parke
Subsurface Consruction
Minneapolis, MN

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